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Dr. Tiny Nair is an experienced Cardiologist in Trivandrum, who has been working with the PRS Hospital since January 1990. Not only is he immensely accomplished in his field, but he also has a flair for storytelling. With 51k followers, he is also big on Quora, having been voted Top Writer 2018.His book 'Happy At Heart' is a treasure trove of interesting anecdotes and life lessons from his medical career, with each story conveying an underlying message, infused with humour, and a touch of heart.



When Manvendra Singh Gohil, the first openly gay prince of India, came out to his family more than a decade ago, it resulted in his mother taking out a newspaper advertisement disowning him.Gohil set up the Lakshya Trust, a charity for LGBT people in his conservative home state, made an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and has been using his high status to help the LGBT community. He has now thrown open his palace doors to vulnerable Indians who’ve been shunned by their families for their sexuality, and is providing them support, training to find jobs, and a home to call their own.



With an aim to provide a life of dignity to the elderly, Himanshu Rath set up the Agewell Foundation in 1999, to support and empower older persons who have been ill-treated or abandoned by their families, provide a friendly and welcoming environment for them, change the social perception about them and enable them to regain their self-confidence. Agewell is now spread across 640 districts in India connecting with over a million senior citizens with the help of more than 80,000 volunteers.

The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has recognized the efforts of Agewell foundation and granted them the Special Consultative Status.



From a very young age, Manan Gupta was fascinated by the intricacies of music. He had the special ability to play the chords of any symphony, just by listening. His unique style of playing the guitar, called the fingerstyle, inspired by Andy McKee's Drifting, is definitely a treat for the ears.

Manan Gupta has performed at many national and international shows such as The NAMM Show - Los Angeles, Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival - Mexico, Bacardi NH7 Weekender- Pune, to name a few. Recently, he has been signed to a US-based record label 'Fretmonkey Records'. His latest album Mix Mood features a plethora of emotions packaged into one, with profound thoughts behind every lyric. He is a young lost soul, trying to leave a mark in this world, with his music.




Dr. Vipul Rastogi has joined Medanta as a Associate Consultant in Behavioural Neurology and Psychiatry. Being one of the very few psychiatrists in India who has had formal training in Neurology, he is sought after for his special expertise in providing holistic treatment of Psychiatric Disorders and alongside medications for his patients. Keen on combining technology and neuroscience with mental health, he believes that Artificial Intelligence is a potential tool in neuropsychology for the treatment of depression, OCD, Schizophrenia, and other mental ailments.



Flavia Agnes is a noted gender rights lawyer and director of Majlis, a Mumbai-based organisation that provides legal initiatives for women. A strong supporter of legal pluralism and the premise of ‘reforms from within’, she has played an important role in reforming Christian Personal Laws as well as advancing the rights of Muslim women.

Having been in an abusive marriage herself, she is of the opinion that Indian courts are poorly designed to accommodate victims of sexual violence, often being insensitive to the woman’s vulnerability and state of mind. She believes justice should be made not only more accessible but also viable to everyone, especially those who are apprehensive about approaching the court system.

Mani Vajipey


During his travels across India, Mani Vajipey was deeply disturbed by the filth and squalor. This motivated him to build an organization that would solve India's waste management challenges through technology and business innovations.

He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Banyan Nation, a technology driven recycling company that is changing the way India looks at plastics, recycling and waste management. Banyan Nation is a proud producer of Better Plastic from disposed plastic, and the recipient of The Circulars 2018 People's Choice Award..

Manish Mehrotra

Professional Chef

Manish Mehrotra is widely recognised as the most exciting modern Indian chef in the world. He has managed to leave an imprint in the culinary universe with his innovative, artistic and scientific experiments in flavours. He was inspired to travel across Asia to train in Pan-Asian cuisine, which resulted in his brainchild, the Indian Accent.

Among various achievements, Indian Accent is the only Indian restaurant in the list of World's 50 Best for the past three years in a row. He has won the Vir Sanghvi Award, Best Chef of 2010 & 2012, American Express Best Chef of the Year, to name a few.



Jay Krishnan, former Chief Executive Officer of T-Hub - India’s largest startup incubator, and now Partner to SRI Capital, is a serial entrepreneur who had sailed through successes, acquisitions and failures in the startup world.

He believes the current surge in startup culture in India is much needed, as it is an indication of increased willingness to take risks and greater innovation among the youth. He actively encourages entrepreneurs to keep failing and move forward irrespective of outcomes. With a keen interest in emerging technologies, he sees potential in the automation industry to open new doors of entrepreneurship and job creation in our country.

Nag Ashwin

Director of Mahanati

A unique filmmaking talent to grace the Telugu film industry in recent times, Nag Ashwin, stands out from the typical cinema. His directorial debut, Yevvade Subramanyam, was well received due to it's relatable story line. Mahanati - a biopic of Savitri, is his recent hit. It caused waves of sentiment and controversy in it's wake.

Ashwin staunchly believes that in today's world, we all fight the fire, we solve a problem, simply because it exists and the same one might pop up again. According to him, dealing with the real cause of the fire is the solution. He is an exceptional mind with the talent to portray real emotions and stories, which establish a connect with the audience while simultaneously communicating thought provoking ideas.

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